Saturday, May 2, 2009

aplikasi kerajaan perpaduan haji hadi...

saya ambil bebepada komen pembaca di...

terdapat pro,dan juga kontra ...sila baca.

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written by Jingostarr, May 01, 2009
Be prepared to be rejected by the very non-Muslims who campaigned so hard on your behalf if you ever cooperate with the corrupted UMNO. That will be the end of PR if it happens. PR cannot survive with only PKR and DAP.
written by ho, May 01, 2009
Since you claimed that your father had been misled over the concept over unity government you should on the spot clarify with your dad WHY waited till now.Dun blame others from the comments the PAS grassroots were not happy wth this idea,moreover PAS had been cheated by UMNO before,right Please ask your comrades how they felt CHEATED.
written by angryaboutanything, May 01, 2009
I for once do not reject the idea of unity government? But what form of unity government that Datuk Seri Awang Hadi intend to create with the BN? Certain quarters mentioned he had no intention of joining BN, so why type of role PAS see themselves in, among the coalition of parties that governs the country now?

If BN willing to part some Cabinet post (which I am not implying posts is what PAS wants in the unity concept) will PAS voices be heard? Or will they end up like Sarawak & Sabah MPs before GE08. Unheard and forgotten.

Pakatan is still so young, PKR have untrustworthy members, DAP in torn between their principles and real world implementation... and PAS, have not shown their capable governors. Show us the change you can do in Kedah. Selangor and Penang has shown the path that they will take for the next 3 years. Can PAS do the same for Kedah. Make Kedah the most productive agricultural producer of the country! That's my challenge for you PAS.
written by kasihantamBN, May 01, 2009
OOii... PAS tak ada muka lain ke... hadi ni bila nak pencen... bini empat mana ada masa nak memimpin.. dah tua pulak tu...

tuan guru tu pun sama... kuat ujian dia ...kesian ek? susah nak lepas kuasa.. dulu222 kata DrM firaun tak mau resign... poddah poh!!!

IDEA pun idea lama gak... takde tanjak nak jadi pemimpin negara.. asyik2222 fardhu Ain... fardhu kifayah mana.... negara dah nak tergadai...ooii. selamat kan negara bukan fardhu kifayah ke?

fardhu ain lagi??? astaghfirrullaah... awak pemimpin awak tanggung le...
written by dawud farquhar, May 01, 2009
We can never reject our-of-hand, Pakatan's influence in lobbying against unity talks with UMNO. PAS should however be wise enough to understand that Malay strength lies in unity. If there is no unity amongst the Malays, there certainly will not be a national unity because Malays make up over half the population.
written by zik, May 01, 2009
Better have unity goverment with MCA and MIC if you so hard damn wish so rather with UMNO!!!
written by sicko&tiredo, May 02, 2009
After getting screwed by Najis & geng from umno, they still want to form unity government with umno!!?

By doing that, they are openly admitting that umno=malays, when umno is strong=malays are also strong, umno is weak=malays are also weak! Seriously someone should slap someone sense into this hadi fellow and kick him out of PAS. Someone like Nizar should take over his place! Heck, Nizar is actually my first choice for PM (if PR takes over)
written by maido, May 02, 2009
All these while many pas leaders were rejecting there was any friction or two camps in PAS. But after Nik Abduh's allegations , we saw both the camps defending themselves. It is crystal clear now that the factions exists. This is where Pas leaders stop saying that factions didn't exist but find a way to properly compromise these factions and settle this issue once and for all. Orherwise this will become another liability for Pakatan.
written by swipenter, May 02, 2009
Dawud Farquhar,

Why do racial and religious profiling always win over ideals?

Here we are always brainwashed into thinking that race and/or religion is always the winning factor in anything Malaysian. This is the very root cause of the many problems confronting our society; people justifying this and that from the the view point of race and/or religion and not viewing and reasoning things from ideals such as fairness and justice. For example the NEP per se was a great idea but its implementation is much to be desired so much so that only the qualification to its benefits and special assistance is just race and very little else. Even then it also depends whether you have the right connections. It is now less of an equaliser but it is more of elitism.

So if you win bcos of numerical superiority but if you dont dispense justice and fairness evenly, you are just bullying the minority nothing more nothing less. So what Saddam Hussein did to the Kurds was acceptable or what the Serbs did to the Bosnain Muslims also acceptable? Or that the white Americans must be so divided and weak that a black American can become the president of USA?

For 50 over years this country is being brainwashed to be divided using religion and race and it is high time we get down from such a high horse and work towards unity based on universal values and ideals. I am not against Hadi's idea of a unity govt per se but if he cant or do not wish to explain his idea publicly and what, how and who was to be involved then I am suspicious of his motives and intentions.

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