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Bila Melayu anti Tok Guru,Cina dan India back-up TGNA...

Tak kira melayu umNo atau melayu PAS,ramai diantara mereka yang sekarang kelihatan anti kepada tok guru Nik Aziz.contoh melayu umNo yang anti tk guru,tak prlu cakap,pergilah kat mana mana blog pencacai umNo,perepu kary,gomol dan lain yang sewaktu dengannya.melayu PAS pula antaranya kalau yang besar besar kita lihat yang pro UGlah....(pihak yang pro UG pada masa yang sama adalah anti TGNA)..juga disini.

Mak oi,persetan sungguh manusia ni,kadang kadang,orang yang ilmunya hanya setakat banyak sikit berbanding kutu babi,nak kritik TGNA,nak perli TGNA la kononnya..perghhh...

tetapi,adakah kita tahu aturan Allah,semua yang berlaku dan akan berlaku ada ditanganNya...tengok sekarang,suatu peristiwa yang amat mengharukan telah berlaku,kita lihat komen komen penyokong pr yang berbangsa cina dan india,yang juga orang yang ramai gelarkan sebagai kafir telah mendoakan agar TGNA panjang umur..

dibawah adalah satu contoh yang gua ambil dari malaysianinsider

written by Frank, November 01, 2009
People should understand why Tok Guru reject Umno. It is not about race unity or religious unity. It is just upright peoples cannot mix with evil peoples


written by swipenter, November 01, 2009
We are all for a two party(coalition) system for the country and never have again a 2/3 majority given to anyone coalition. Politicians from both sides of the divide must be able to check and balance each other but when national interest is at stake or face with an external threat our politicians must be matured enough to come together as one instead of being partisan for the sake of being seen partisan.


written by Roberto Loopez, November 01, 2009
Long live,Tok Guru


written by greateagle, November 01, 2009

Spoken like a TRUE LEADER WHO LEADS BY EXAMPLE,Tok Guru may you have a long life to see the birth of a new Malaysia truly living to its name as TRULY ASIA where no two people are alike but living in gracious harmony the way ALLAH-GOD THE ALIMIGHTY wants it to be.


written by Elves, November 01, 2009
Listen people, the 'Sifu' has spoken.


written by Guna, November 01, 2009
Well said Tok Guru. You are the spiritual head not just of PAS but of the entire PAKATAN
RAKYAT. May you live a long long time to guide Pakatan to greater victories in future.


written by Guna, November 01, 2009
Well said Tok Guru. You are the spiritual head not just of PAS but of the entire PAKATAN RAKYAT. May you live a long long time to guide Pakatan to greater victories in future.

written by Albert Low, November 01, 2009
I have always admired 'WHAT' Tok Guru said, Listen to this humble servant of God. If all can absorb the plain and simple words that he used in his speech. I believe there will be victory in PR. Corruption must be eradicated at all cost and the only way for this country is to return the mandate to rule to PR. Long Live Tok Guru. I pray that God will not take him away so soon. This is my humble prayers.


written by Class of 73, November 01, 2009
Yes to a 2 coalition system.
No more 2/3 majority for anyone.
Weed out the corrupt politicians wherever they are.
Malaysians FIRST and out with racism and other forms of intolerance and narrow-mindedness.
Stop the wastage and theft as highligted in the Auditor-General's report


written by BuzukNajis, November 01, 2009
PAS need to understand how they ended up winning bigger majority of votes from all rakyat including non-muslim during GE12.
Hassan Ali, Nasharudin & Hadi Awang shall be the reason if PAS defeated !!!!
The trio are UMNO BN perfect tools to topple PR !!!
They are the cause for PAS defeat in Bagan Pinang !!!

They were the cause of PAS near failure in Manik Urai !!!
They are the excuses for UMNO BN to attack PR !!!
They shall be the cause of any future PR defeat !!!

Sack & dispose off those rubbish !!! Eliminate those culprit before they do more damage to PR !!!


written by Jealous, November 01, 2009
I think PR shoudl elect Tok Guru as the Spiritual Head of PR!!! Agree with Guna! hope PR ppl read this!


written by maju/mundur, November 01, 2009

Tok Guru,

You are a great gift by god to real Malaysians. May god bless you forever.


written by wong, November 01, 2009
I just love this Tok Guru as much as i love Lim Kit Siang. Fairness is the only game.


ni pulak gua ambil kat malaysia-today

written by hellosunshine, November 01, 2009 10:01:48
TGNA, may you have a long and healthy life so that you can help guide the wayward power crazy ulamas in PAS to be moderates and human like you.


written by educationist, November 01, 2009 10:01:49
The voice of reason and hope amidst the gloom surrounding the PR!
May the Tok Guru have long life and good health to continue to provide a firm and steady hand to PAS , & guide those young turks from the temptations and corrupt prsctices of the uMNOputras.


written by Watchdog, November 01, 2009 10:30:24
I can live with a leader like this man even if I am not Muslim. In fact, I will give him my full respect.


written by mvivek, November 01, 2009 10:48:20
Tok Guru is an angel sent from the heavens and in him I put my trust!!!!!


written by Al Ambia, November 01, 2009 10:55:41
“As Muslims, whether we are Malay Muslims or Chinese Muslims or any other, we must protect our souls. We feed our bodies rice but it must be ‘halal’ —
Well said Tok Guru.But for the BN and cronies its the other way round.


written by sydput, November 01, 2009 11:22:14
Looks like TGNA has a better leadership quality that DSAI. Imagine giving an ultimatum to his party members and they shivered in their pants and gave way to a fragile old man like him.


written by Angela Ooi, November 01, 2009 11:37:50
Truth is always pure and simple, just like Tok Nik Aziz. May God keep him healthy for a long time yet.


written by Siapabohong, November 01, 2009 11:45:23
Many non-Muslims have praised TGNA for his views and seem to accept his leadership based on his Islamic principles.
But then these non-Muslims must also discard their prejudice and wrong perception about Islam. As TGNA has said,
“the verses in the sacred Quran contain the basics of creating unity amongst
mankind. Umno is stupid for getting angry just because a non-Muslim is trying
to understand the Quran.”
So for the non-Muslims (also those ignorant Muslims) get down to read the Quran or to ask those who are well verse in the true teaching of the religion to get better understanding of the religion and don't simply get angry or unreasonably prejudge others to think yours is always better than others. If not then don't get agree if TGNA say you are as 'stupid' as that organisation!


written by JayJayPo, November 01, 2009 11:53:56
The rakyat need look no further than YAB Tok Guru Nik Aziz if ever they seek a true Malaysian hero. Sir, you will always be mine. Thank you for all that you have done for our beloved country and may God continously grant you good health so you will always be here to guide our country down the right path in the potential it deserves to be.


written by latihanQ, November 01, 2009 12:05:23
PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat is the strongest gel that glues the Pakatan together.
His vision is clear and his beliefs and convictions of removing the evil BN regime unshakable!
Even influential elements within PAS is unable to change his stance that UMNO cannot be trusted to do good for the people!
Syabas and good health, PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat. May you have a long life to see the removal of this evil UMNO regime.


written by latihanQ, November 01, 2009 12:30:06
Islam is not my enemy. Muslims are not my enemy. Perhaps, Islam and hudud my be the last chance and only saving grace to remove the cancerous evil UMNO cells from society.
These cancerous, evil and corrupt UMNO cells are so deeply embedded in the Malaysian culture it may be resistant to the most powerful antibiotics except may hudud laws.
Tok Guru, bring it on. Pleaase do the needful for the light to shine once again on all Malaysians. We trust you can do it.


written by ibabonma, November 01, 2009 12:36:48
I like it when Tok Guru said Umno was stupid simply because Umno Bodoh and for the stupid.


written by takbolehtahan, November 01, 2009 13:26:26
Siapabohong, non-Malays do not disrespect the true Islam religion but they do not respect the Islam practised by Umno and some of the Malays here. Malaysian Islam, I believe, is not practised the way it should be. Perhaps you need to analyse whether the Islam practised here is the Islam preached by the true Prophet. I believe all religion to be good, it's just the worshippers who have twisted the principls and teachings to fit in with their selfish desires.


written by ceong2000, November 01, 2009 13:36:44
I'm a non Muslim and don't believe in PAS but after seeing what Tok Guru done in Kelantan and came to understand what he really mean.What UMNO never done for non muslim there and he is the one who make it happen especially the pork seller.I will only vote for the PR no matter which party is it as they really care for the raykat as we should know that the Federal government is still BN and they does not want to help the PR state so they are talking cock cos the hold the $$$$.Come next election we should vote them out and see what happen to the BN rule state.Maybe there is none for them and only Opposition


written by Rainbowseahorse, November 01, 2009 13:55:09
” he said, adding that anything bought with “haram” money would make the item “haram” as well.

This being the case, then the entire UMNO's gang is haram coz they consumed food which are bought by haram money!

May Allah continue to be with Tok Aziz who is indeed a spiritual and wise man. He is a deeply religious man, but yet un-fanatical about it. He has a deep sense of what Islam is all about, but yet do not imposed his views on none Muslims. I would dare say Tok Aziz is the greatest religious teacher in our time and we look, but do not see nor realize his greatness.


written by hellosunshine, November 01, 2009 14:56:35
Hello Siapabohong,takbolehtahan is right. Many non Muslims condemn the munafik Muslims in Malaysia and the world because these Muslims are using the religion to further their agendas. Instead of asking us to read the Quran, why don't you read the Bible, the Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures and other religious books? smilies/wink.gif


written by Goodbites, November 01, 2009 15:14:29
Siamese twins joined at the hips normally have the same characteristics. Same genes mah!


written by raven1958, November 01, 2009 15:43:19
Everytime there are Hassan Ali, Nash or Hadi characters lurking around making a mess of joint efforts even causing the loss of elections of their own candidates....along comes the sane voice of Nik Aziz.

At the moment he is all we have got.....and he is frail. Nik Aziz must ensure that leaders such as Khalid Samad or Nizar are firmly in the driving seat if this coalition is going to survive......

Now let's move on to the other problem party and its leader....Anwar....


written by citizenmy, November 01, 2009 15:54:20

“As Muslims, whether we are Malay Muslims or Chinese Muslims or any other, we must protect our souls. We feed our bodies rice but it must be ‘halal’ — the rice is for the body while the ‘halal’ is for the soul,” he said, adding that anything bought with “haram” money would make the item “haram” as well.

The statement is crystal clear. If this is followed, surely PR will win the next General Election.

But will Anwar and his ex UMNO PKR team members understand this? I dont think so.


written by Siapabohong, November 01, 2009 15:54:55
Dear takbolehtahan,
agree with you, but what I mean, even if you perceive Islam practices by those who you have said is not the true teaching of the religion and as what you think, we should not prejuidice and embeded that perception in our mind the religion as such in general. Rather than condemning the religion as a whole one should condemn the people who practices the wrong teaching of the religion. As examples, Islam forbid Muslims to consume pork then we should not brand Islam as the religion that relate to the animal. Similarly if you see a Muslim who consume liquor or indulge in gambling like buying digit numbers or engage in vice activities then don't brand or assume the teaching of religion as such and such which we ourselves don't really fully understand. The teaching of a religion is much deeper than what we perceive supreficially, no matter wether it's Christian, Buddha, Hindu etc. So, rather than condemning a religion as a whole which we don't really understand, it's better to read or to ask those who well verse of the religion before branding a part or the whole of a religion as such and such... Because of our ignorant and the thought that everything we do is always right therefore it creates a lot of confusion and misunderstanding and end up branding each other racist or religious bigot or this religion is such, that religion as such.... I believe many non-Malays still have great fear of PAS for the stereotype perceptions that have been embeded in their mind about the religion since PAS is directly relate to the religion, mostly from what they have heard rather than they really understand about it. Now many are taken by fairness or rather universality of Islamic principles postulated by TGNA, but then when you ask how about other religions meaning you still have doubt and prejuidice to the teaching or principles that TGNA have said. This is very supreficial rather than you see and accept the Islamic principles put out by TGNA as a whole, therefore you ask to include those of your own which perhaps you think can give more fairness. In the first place why one can take TGNA as a fair national leader especially when he postulated his Islamic principles of governance rather than Uncle Lim KS! Don't you think Uncle Lim KS is not fair and he has been fighting for about three decades. Because everybody understand the reality of this country, therefore when TGNA or perhaps Khalid Samad or Dato' Nizar show their fairness in governance then many non-Muslims come to accept their leadership. If that the case and you believe in their ability to be fair with their religious belief than don't ask to add of your own to make it look more fair which in itself show your own prejuidice and your own unfairnaess. When you take a leader is fair than you must take it that the leader will be fair to carry out his responsible which will include taking into the account of others religious belief.


written by rocky, November 01, 2009 16:28:33
hail TGNA. He knows what the rakyat is looking for.Long life to you sir.


written by fireduck, November 01, 2009 16:50:28
Tok Guru seems to be the one PR leader who is more committed & willing to accommodate compromises for the sake of the unity of the PR. At the same time he remains very principled in the fight against the might of UMNO(BN).

I just hope the other 'old war horses' leaders -- from DAP & PKR -- would do likewise for the Pakatan. Be flexible enough for the sake of Pakatan unity, but be absolutely steadfast in the fight against the corrupt UMNO(BN).


written by Ghifarix, November 01, 2009 18:48:24
Hey Maha Phaoun, how many children and grand children you've got? You think you contribute to Malaysia by stealing and squandering our wealth giving us vain glorious profanity to say the lest - but Nik Aziz tilt our soil and put down seed; progeny. Now that's wealth you vain maniacs of UMNO. And the people LOVE him.


written by lamakawan, November 01, 2009 19:34:02
Long live Nik aziz, we all love you.


written by netmiser88, November 01, 2009 20:47:49
Dear Wolkswagon

What you said has a pinch of truth.

You must not forget that the PR is at a learning stage.

So mistakes will be made with good intend.

Every chance must be given to PR to improve on it's performance.

Do not be disheartened and give more feedback to PR for the better of the raykat.


written by netmiser88, November 01, 2009 20:54:39
Dear Tok Guru Nik Aziz,

May I and my family and friends of the same leaning, wish you a LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE!......a hundred years atleast.......


written by storm62, November 01, 2009 21:48:22
Long live Tok Guru Nik Aziz !!!!

You really put umno muslims to shame.


written by batsman, November 01, 2009 22:32:49
Dumb asses. Stop creating a cult of the personality. You demean a good man and you demean yourselves. PAS is PAS and Nik Aziz is the spiritual leader. That is all.

Dumb asses think like love lorn psychotic groupies who can turn and attack their infatuation figure like a pack of wild dogs at the drop of a pin. heeheehee


written by Kopi37, November 01, 2009 23:09:21
The venerable Tok Guru should address more discourse of this kind to the public and not to allow Hadi Awang to act unilaterally as if he and cohorts are hob-nobing with Umno with his concurrence to umno stance! And the agenda of unity government must be scrapped in total out of the minutes record of PAS on any levels, be they the national or state divisional level!

Any personal agenda should be dealt with as if it's not only violating the Party's stand but also a contempt to the authority of the Privy Council and also the disciplinary committee must act immediately with stern actions to stifle the public unrest amid the non-Muslim society in particular. This is also a form of respect to the non-Muslim ally DAP in terms of the consensus achieved as the guideline or spirit of coalition partnership.

One good example was the Selangor ruckus created by that State PAS chief Hassan Ali, if were to be nipped in the bud immediately before it flared up to be a national issue, would have saved PAS reputation be flawed and chastised by the public of different creed, calling them the religious bigots!

Hence, Umno would have no chance whatsoever to capitalize by stoking fire and add fuel to the public odium for the exacerbation of adverse furore. This is my 2cts. smilies/kiss.gif


written by onnetline, November 02, 2009 00:10:40
My family and relatives have no problem with Tok Guru Nik Aziz running the country.

We are non Muslims.


written by Proarte, November 02, 2009 00:38:47
"He called Umno stupid for getting angry with PAS and DAP over the issue of non-Muslims quoting verses from the Quran.

“The verses in the sacred Quran contain the basics of creating unity amongst mankind. Umno is stupid for getting angry just because a non-Muslim is trying to understand the Quran,” he said "

It would be be good if PAS would quote the teachings of Jesus, Buddha or verses from the Bhagavad Gita in their political ceramah as they too foster unity and love. It would go a long way towards making people trust PAS and bringing people together.

To date, Muslims in Malaysia are encouraged by the Muslims powers that be to lead separate lives from Christians, Hindus, Bhuddhists, Animists and Atheists. There is almost this notion of 'keeping pure', as Muslims are the 'Chosen People'.

If 'PAS For All' is not a mere slogan, then the leaders should start viewing the world through a universal lens.


written by edwardh, November 02, 2009 02:12:58
PAS is very much accepted by the non-Muslims now. I will choose him anytime over any UMNO member, aside from Mahathir of course.

If Tok Guru is around to lead PAS, i am not surprised if the general public can accept him to be PM.

With Tok Guru as PM, i am damn sure the corruption level in Malaysia will be many times lower than currently under UMNO.

PR, please work hard. Next election, we shall win the election.

We have
Anwar, Tok Guru, Karpal all 3 are respected PM materials. Anytime better than Najib, Muhiddin, Badawi... all are pieces of SH*T


written by otoole77, November 02, 2009 02:18:57
If Tok Guru run the government, Malaysia will surely properous and peaceful !

Long and healthy life Tok Guru !

Strong suppoter of TG from Sabah !


written by roadbarra, November 02, 2009 03:12:08
Hidup Nik Aziz! for Malaysia


written by johanssm, November 02, 2009 03:53:31
This is really unexpected.
We wanted a change and expected Anwar to lead the change , never expected that a conservative Tok Guru from PAS is willing to make the first move.
He really have the marks of a true leader and lead by setting good example.
No twisting of stories and no spinning of lies and the usual double talks.
Looks like the Tok Guru is not a politician but he is a teacher instead.
More people respect Islam because of Nik Aziz.
Hopefully Nik Aziz will set the motion and motivates the rest of the Pakatan .


written by Larry Jay, November 02, 2009 05:22:56
Dear Pakatan Rakyat Friend's & Foe's Inside or Within,

Take a heed or cue of this wise old man. He means no harm or hurt to any living being. He is a noble & sincere friend of our's since the day we gained independence. Reason being is that... he have seen it, he have gone through it, he have experienced it & he have felt it.

The most noble part in this learned that he has seen the worst culture of massive corruption, cronysm, nepotism, favourtism, the killing of judiaciary system, the slaughtering of AG Chambers, the brutality of the police & etc & etc... emerging right in front of his very own eyes during Mahathir's era led by UMNO & its coalitions @ MCA,MIC,Gerakan,PPP & Sabah & Sarawak Parties etc..etc.. who have condorned to it till this very day. Anyone who question's the above will end up in ISA or detention without trial.

The democratic system & rule of law have demised since then in a nation called Malaysia.

Thereafter, came politicians from the splinter group of UMNO, MIC, MCA, etc, etc... calling themselves PKR combining with the long struggling Islamist PAS & democratic DAP parties emerging over a short period. The 12th GE was indeed a tremondous victory for these opposition parties capturing various states since independence without any untoward events & in that aspect we have to be thankful to the Almighty God for a rather peaceful transaction of power in various states.

But what do we see now, after only 18 months in power???? Bickering, bitching, point fingering, witch-hunting, cursing & swearing off each other etc, etc.. among you Pakatan Rakyat elected reps. Let it be PKR, PAS or DAP.

Where is the unity among yourelves, where is the coalition among youselves, where is the co-operation or co-ordination among yourselves???? Tell us please Where!!! Where!! Where Where!!

We have chosen you, we have elected you, we wanted you to represent us but dont ever dissapoint us as it can we can always place you where you belong before.

We voted you & wanted you guys to change the damages & sufferings which Mahathir/ UMNO/BN have done to this nation.

To control the damages done by Pakatan Rakyat @ PKR, PAS & DAP and to recover the above is simply following the simple Step No. 1 of 3 Major Critical Rules:

Rule No.1
Register as a Coalition Party @ PKR, PAS & DAP with One Banner

Rule No.2
Have "Closed Door Meetings" within you three parties & thrash out whatever differences or views before running to the press for personal glory. Iron out matters amicably & peacefully with desirable solutions for all parties & then make it public.

Rule No.3
Never forget, ignore or disregard Rule No.1 & 2

If the above is not taken into consideration, Pakatan Rakyat will head for self destruction.


komen gua sendiri cuma satu je;hoi puak anti erdogan@anti TGNA,korang memang bangsat....tq....wslm...


ijoks2009 said...

Hanya org yg tidak ikhlas dlm perjuangan dan ada agenda sendiri saja yg tak suka dgn tokguru sebab tokguru seorg pemimpin yg ikhlas.
Ibarat penjahat yg bencikan polis.

pprx said...

Sapa yang Ngong kutuk Toki Tok Guru.. Hilang akal + Giler haper... Kalau Korang nak kutuk + Maki Hamun + Sumpah Seranah pada Hadi Hadi, Mustapa Ali, Hassan Ali, Nasharuddin... Aku sokong .. Sebab aku tengok Muka 4 kepala Ulamak ni dah sesekali tengok macam setan jer dengan mata merah + muka hitam legam..bertopengkan Serban besar bakul dan kopiah... mati masuk jahanaM baru tau kalau tak bertobat... aku tak tau..

Pemburu Syahid said...

Salam....izinkan ana copy artikel nih..izinkan nak adjust sikit...untuk siar di blog ana. Thanks.

keraspedal said...


benar...tok guru pejuang sejati...pejuang rakyat dan pejuang islam...


haji hadi kena lembut sikit,paling kurang dia taraf ulama gak...hehe,tapi mangkuk tiga org lagi....wa sokong apa lu cakap..

pemburu syahid:

silakan..silakan..."benda baik" memang baik kongsi...sebarkan secara meluas,biar org melayu sedar sikit..


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