Sunday, March 6, 2011

Simpan resit saman ekor anda..dan tuntut semula dengan kerajaan pakatan rakyat :Nizar

...Former Perak Menteri Besar and Bukit Gantang member of parliament Nizar Jamaluddin has urged Malaysians who had settled their postal traffic summonses to keep their receipts so that their money can be returned by a new Pakatan Rakyat government.

“Those who had paid please keep receipt to claim from new Pakatan Rakyat government!” he twitted.

Nizar also called on the PR leadership to include the abolishment of the controversial postal summonses, or 'saman ekor', to be among the reforms it promises to carry out in the first 100 days of power at the Federal level.

The government had last year announced that those who did not settle outstanding postal summonses would be blacklisted and not allowed to renew road tax as well as driving license. The deadline for settlement of these summonses ended this week, and saw tens of thousands of people thronging police stations and postal offices to pay up outstanding summonses. The government has now further extended the deadline to March 10, in a move which enables it to collect millions of ringgit worth of fines.

PAS has been at the forefront of a campaign to oppose the postal summonse, calling for its abolishment in place of a better solution to educate the public on traffic rules.

Postal summons, or 'saman ekor', allows the police to issue summons notices to motorists, ostensibly for breaking traffic rules, but without being pulled over by officers when the alleged offence took place.

PAS vice president Mahfuz Omar has been leading an intense campaign called KASE (Kempen Anti Saman Ekor) following public outcry over the government's refusal to stop the practice of sending summonses via post.

Meanwhile, PAS president Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang said the party would work together with its partners PKR and DAP to solve the issue, saying ‘saman ekor’ was not the best way to educate the people on road manners.

“We understand the hardship faced by the people because of ‘saman ekor’ which denies them an avenue to seek justice, to defend themselves and to prove their guilt, and worse, the people are punished recklessly by being blacklisted as well as other unfair actions,” said Hadi.

Hadi said the postal summonses and its enforcement through the Road Transport Department's action of blacklisting vehicles slapped with such summonses had only caused problem to the public, in particular rural folks and those from the lower income bracket.

Hadi however reminded that only a PR-controlled Federal government would be able to reverse the practice.(sumber)

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